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Q & A

Q: What is AFF?
A: The Asia Fashion Fair (AFF) is the continuation of the China Fashion Fair (CFF), the latter being successfully hosted in Japan since 2003. AFF has thus become the most representative OEM/ODM trade-fair in Japan being hosted twice a year – in the spring in Osaka and in the autumn in Tokyo.

Q: What products are mainly exhibited in AFF? And what’s the proportion of each kind of product?
A: AFF will exhibit the following products: garments,accessories, fabrics,trim and hometextile. At presently, the garments occupy 70% or so; while the clothing, accessories, fabrics,trim and hometextile take up 30%. Since the latter products have presented a good result, the proportion of these products are gradually increasing.

Q: This is my first time to participate in AFF, what preparations are required? And how can I know the progress of the fair?
A: After receiving your registration, our customer personnel will contact you and guide you to finish the exhibition procedures one to one.Within one week after we finish the exhibitors mobilizing, we will issue each exhibitor a notice of charge and send the Exhibitors Manual by mail. This manual contains the schedule of the exhibition and guidance on booth,additional furnitures and other information.

Q: What types of booths are there in the fair? What does a corner booth appear to be? What equipment does a booth have?
A: There are three types of booths, namely standard booth, luxury equipped booth. Standard booths have three options: Type A(three shelves), Type B(mesh), and Type C(six shelves). We consider the area of a standard booth as a unit, and then a specially equipped booth should include at least 3 units. The basic equipment of a standard booth contains fascia board, table & chairs, spotlight, hanging rails, shelves or mesh, cabinet and dusbine.
A corner booth refers to a booth with two sides of opening. Generally, a standard booth has three walls and one side of opening, while a corner booth has two sides opening, which appears to be more open visually and can enforce the exhibiting effect. A corner booth will be charged with an extra fee of $500.

Q: How to divide the booths of the exhibition?
A: The division of booths on AFF is subject to the categories of products or trade properties, so it will adopt the principle of concentrated division. The organizer will allocate booths for exhibitors according to the product information described in the Registration Form for Exhibitors provided by exhibitors, so it’s advised that you should fill in the exhibition information correctly. Single category of product with distinct features will help promote your products accurately, and help the buyers find your booth fast according the division.

Q: I heard many company in different places mobilize exhibitors for the fair, so what’s their relation ship with AFF? Are they trustworthy?
A: In recent years, AFF has developed and grown constantly, so we have agencies in many provinces and municipalities, including agencies and organizations, enterprises and companies. Among these units, many have established a long-term relationship with the organizer,and they can provide good exhibition service. If you are doubted about the exhibition company, you can contact the organizer to check the authenticity of the agency.

Q: If the participants cannot speak Japanese, can they communicate with customers in English?
A: Since Japanese generally have no confidence in their English, they would not speak English even if they could. Therefore failure to communicate in Japanese would be hard to do business in Japan. As for those exhibitors who cannot speak Japanese, the organizer will provide interpreter employment service.

Q: Is a pass or ticket needed to enter the fair?
A: During the fair, participants are required to take the badge to enter the exhibition hall. The badge can be collected at the reception counter in the day of move-in. The badge is the only certificate to show your identity, so please take it during the fair.
Visitors should have the invitation card or register at the site to get a pass in order to enter the exhibition hall. We will send invitation cards to the exhibitors three weeks before the fair, and you can send these invitation cards to your customers to invite them to visit the fair.

Q: What’s the schedule of the fair? What’s the time for move-in and move-out?
A: AFF will last for 3 days.
The opening time: 10:00-18:00 in Day 1 and Day 2; 10:00-16:00 in Day 3.
The time for move-in is 14:00-18:00 of the day before the fair; the time for move-out is 16:00–17:00 of Day 3.
The above times are subject to Japanese time.